Product News

  • New Sliding Door Bottom Rail: This feature for the Series 3070 and Series 3050 doors will accommodate the A2 Roller and be about 1-1/4" shorter than the standard bottom rail. The panel size limitations will be the same as the Series 3000. (3/2018)
  • 4070-T Lead-time Reduction: The production lead-times are now similar to all sliding door products. (3/2018)
  • Flush Stack Standard: The "flush stack" feature will become the standard method on all premium multi-slide doors with fixed jambs (3070, 3070-T, 3070-HI & 3050). Special center-lines can still be requested. (1/2018)
  • New Thermally Broken Lock Stiles: Fleetwood now offers an integrated high performance lock stile for all thermally broken sliding doors. The glass size remains the same for either standard or HP stiles. (1/2018)
  • Shipping Series 3800-T Miter Corner Units: Effective on all orders (current & future) the frames will be shipped KD for field assembly to reduce damage during shipping and handling. The head and sills will be welded at the butt joint. (1/2018)
  • Custom Shade Anodizing: Fleetwood is the only residential aluminum window manufacturer offering custom anodizing. The others have left this market space because of the inherent challenges. We believe it is a beautiful, artistic finish that must be offered for luxury home designs. We further believe that limiting the choices will achieve this goal but reduce much of the risk in delays. In fact, this may evolve into additional stock finishes.

    Beginning on January 1, 2018 we will limit the offerings to the most popular shades of F1 and F3. (11/2017)
  • New Steel Look SDL: We will soon be offering customers a thinner profile SDL. The extruded shapes will be stocked in both anodized finishes and available in custom paint and anodize. This will be available for quoting in March 2018. (11/2017)
  • New SDL Option: We are soon offering a wider profile SDL. The extruded shape will be stocked in both anodized finishes and available in custom paint and anodize. This option will be available for quoting in January 2018. (11/2017)
  • 1" Hidden Track: Based on dealer feedback, the 1" Hidden Track has been made our Standard Hidden Track. The Series 3050 will continue to have the 1-1/2" option, but 1" will be the only track available on the Series 1050. (10/2017)
  • Series 3050 1/2" Sill Risers: The risers will no longer be available after December 15, 2017. The demand for this option is too low to justify the stock. (10/2017)
  • Series 3850-F Discontinued: The Series 3850-F will be removed from the product line at the end of 2017. This product was created after years of market research, but in the end the market made it clear that it wants aluminum instead. As a result, we have fast tracked designs on a new casement window (450-T) and a new fixed system (Series 4800-T) both of which will be released in the first quarter of 2018. (10/2017)
  • New Warranty: Some of the highlights: (9/2017)

          -12 years on all aluminum finishes regardless of location.
          -Edge Armor no longer required.
          -Thermally broken aluminum is included in the 12-year finish warranty.
  • Radius Top Windows: Advancements in machinery and processes are being implemented to improve the quality of arch top windows. (9/2017)

          -Lower profile insulated glass spacers are now the standard.
          -Only the Series 250 will be arched in the factory.
          -The Series 3800-T is only available with a stretch forming process.
  • Series 4070-T Introduction Video: Fleetwood is pleased to introduce our first promotional video, which features our newest product: the Series 4070-T. You can find a link for the video on the 4070-T product page on our website, as well as in the Product Spotlight section on our homepage. (8/2017)
  • Jamb Fillers - Series 3000 & 3000-T: Doors shipping in October will come with the latest product improvement: jamb fillers. These fillers will create an even more attractive finished detail as well as hide most of the installation fasteners. (8/2017)
  • Series 3000 & 3000-T Meeting Stile Sill Blocks: In high wind conditions, a meeting stile is perhaps the weakest element of a sliding door. To assist in performance, we have designed special blocks that attach to the sill, which will help keep the panels from blowing out. The part is the same for both the Series 3000 and 3000-T. (7/2017)
  • 9/16" Glass Stop Added: The following door series are now offered with a 9/16" glazing stop: 3900-T, 3200-T, 3600-T, and the new 4070-T. (7/2017)
  • Black Paint Choices: While research continues to find black tones that are resilient enough for fabrication, we have added two black finishes to the custom color repertoire: Rich Black and Black Beauty. (7/2017)
  • NEW Height Addition: Standard Size Program - Starting July 1, 2017, the Standard Size Program for the Series 1070, 1050, and 1000 will also offer a 79.5" net frame height. (6/2017)
  • FAQs: One of the effective information tools we offer is the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. The page links are listed in the Homeowners, Builder/Installer, and Designers menus. (6/2017)
  • Concept Drawings: Online product pages include seveal helpful links. Perhaps the most underutilized tool is Concept Drawings. A few examples below. (5/2017)

          Series 3800-T -- How to support suspended TDL at corners
          Series 3070 -- Combining a Pocket Door & Fixed Lite
  • Black Paint: Paint formulas have changed over the years, making wet applied black paint (e.g. Kynar) more difficult to manufacture. For several months we have limited black paint to those formulas with a higher content of carbon, but even these shades are subject to finish marring through the fabrication process. We are therefore no longer accepting any orders for black painted material until we can find a finish process that is acceptable. Specifically, we are investigating powder coating. Until this project is finalized, dealers are encouraged to purchase dark bronze anodizing. (3/2017)
  • Roto Gear Cover: In an effort to make the hardware more attractive, we are now providing a cover plate for the underside of the roto gear operator housing. (3/2017)
  • Series 3800-T Glass Stop: The Series 3800-T now offers a unique design glass stop that accommodates 1-1/4" glazing. The shape transforms the flush presentation to that of a tiered design. This option is available on orders placed after April 1st, 2017. (3/2017)
  • Retiring Series 2000: With tightening energy codes, the Series 2000 is more challenging to sell. We are retiring this fine product on May 1, 2017. We will accept orders through April 30, 2017. (3/2017)
  • Improved Installation Clip: The sill clip for False Jambs on the Series 3000-T sliding door has been improved. The new method uses the hidden sill block instead of an "L" shaped clip. This has been updated on all installation instructions. (1/2017)
  • Odd Angle Corner Doors: The aluminum bar stock material that is formed to the desired angle is an alloy that does not anodize the same as the 6063 material used on the rest of the door. We are therefore no longer offering odd angle corner doors in custom anodized finishes. We are however offering this option in pained finishes. Additionally, we will offer this shape painted Silver and Black for stock Clear Anodize or Dark Bronze Anodize finishes, respectively. (1/2017)