Series 250: Horizontal Slider
Series 250: Single Hung

The Series 250 sliding and single hung windows are ideal for applications requiring narrow perimeter lines. Print 250 Brochure Page     Print Product Brochure
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Sliding Windows 
  Product Features
  Technical Resources
  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Hardware Page
  • Typical Configurations:
    XO, OX, XOX, SH
  • Max Panel Width:
    • Horizontal Slider: 66"
    • Single Hung: 52"
  • Maximum Panel Height:
    • Horizontal Slider: 72"
  • Single Hung: 40"
    (Sliding Sash)
    (Max width & height are not necessarily available in combination)

For budget driven jobs, Fleetwood offers optional products. See the Homeowners menu above.