Series 3070-HI Hurricane/Impact Rated Sliding Door System

The Series 3070-HI meets or exceeds the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements for missile impact rated product. Print 3070-HI Brochure Page      Print Impact Brochure
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  Archetype Rolling System
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  Keep Away From VOCs
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  Recycled Aluminum
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  Replaceable Stainless Steel Track
  Track Finish Protection
  Stainless Steel
  Low Maintenance
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  Distinct Lines = More Glass
  Huge Sizes
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Series 3070HI Hurricane/Impact System 
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Proprietary Archetype Hardware
Archetype Rolling System

Dissatisfaction with overseas hardware and our endless pursuit towards "making it better..." led us into a partnership with a Swiss bearing manufacturer. As a result of this union, our sliding doors come with rollers assembled in the USA, equipped with authentic Swiss bearings.

Exception: Fleetwood's entry level patio door, the Series 1000, has a rolling system similar to other sliding doors on the market. Our competitors market their rollers as"precision bearings" but we disclose the Series 1000 rollers as "sealed bearings" because they are not Swiss in origin and are from the overseas roller industry..Rolex versus Timex.

Note: This door is equipped with high performance, Swiss bearing rollers. Operate with care to avoid injury to person or damage to property.

Archetype Latching Hardware
(Proprietary - Patent # US 8,186,189 B2

Archetype Hardware Image

Frustration with the hardware industry's "best quality" inspired us to design luxury home quality hardware. The result is our Archetype line of American made locking hardware. Below are a few of the exceptional aspects:

  • USA Manufactured
  • Patented
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Ergonomic Flush Actuator
  • Lock/Unlock Indicator
  • Huge Laminated Hook(s)
  • Dual Latches On Taller Doors
  • 'Brushed Silver' (Optional Black Paint)
  • Technical Information