Series 3800-T Window-Wall System

The Series 3800-T meets or exceeds the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements for missile impact rated product. Print 3800-T Brochure Page     Print Product Brochure
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We designed the Series 3800-T fixed window-wall system as an alternative to commercial storefront. Designers and building professionals appreciate the sleek lines and scale of commercial storefront BUT prefer factory built systems because of the many benefits listed below. The Series 3800-T provides the sightline benefits of storefront with all the advantages of a factory built product.

The Series 3800-T is an adaptable product that offers everything from a simple fixed window, to transoms, to elaborate grid window-walls with operable window inserts. The Series 3800-T is an ideal complement to any of our door products and is a wise choice over commercial storefront. We have provided a few comparative items below.

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  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Warranty
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- More Glass
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Luxury Home Design
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Flush Design
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- More Metal
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Factory QC
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Insert Option
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Green & Sustainable
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Stable Glazing
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Fit & Finish
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Energy Efficient
  Storefront Vs 3800-T -- Waterproof
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