Series 530-T: Horizontal Slider
Series 530-T: Single Hung

The Series 530-T has the distinction of being Fleetwood's premier thermal frame sliding and single hung window system. Print 530-T Brochure Page      Print Product Brochure
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Series 530 System 
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  Technical Resources
  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Hardware Page
  • Typical Configurations:
  • XO, OX, XOX, SH
  • Max Panel Width:
    • Horizontal Slider: 78"
    • Single Hung: 58"
  • Max Panel Height:
    • Horizontal Slider: 90"
    • Single Hung: 45"
      (Max width & height are not necessarily available in combination)
Thermal Extrusions
Thermal extrusions radically reduce the transfer of heat and cold, through the extrusion, by stopping that unwanted energy with a barrier material. Fleetwood uses two methods: Pour/De-bridge and I-Strut. The former process involves pouring polyurethane into an extrusion cavity and removing the underside once the liquid hardens. The I-Strut process involves mechanically joining a polyamide strut to two separate extrusions. Both are proven systems and each offers the Fleetwood Design Team with varying benefits.
Thermal Break
For budget driven jobs, Fleetwood offers optional products. See the Homeowners menu above.