Series 4070-T Thermally Broken Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

The Series 4070-T provides the extreme size and performance advantages of 'state of the art' glass, along with our proprietary sleek, weather-tight sill.  INTRODUCTION VIDEO     button Print Product Brochure
Design / Performance  
  • Accepts glazing up to 1-3/4" thick
  • Screen-panel sightlines and hardware perfectly matching the glass-door panels
  • Innovative Interlockers that accommodate larger panels
  • Unique flush floor track system with weather and thermal rating
  • Narrow 2-1/2" thermally-broken interlocker
  • Archetype Narrow Hardware (Brushed Stainless or Black Painted Stainless)
  • A4 Roller with authentic precision bearings manufactured in Switzerland and assembled in the USA
  • Adjustable stainless steel strike plate with full finished latch box
  • Replaceable stainless steel track insert as in the Series 3050 and 3070 doors.
Design Enhancements
  Minimal Exposed Track
  Distinctive Interlocking Hook
  Integral Nail-Fin
  NO Lift & Slide
  Innovative A4 Roller
  Weight Capacity
Glazing Innovation
  'World Glass' Sizes
  BIG Glass
  Glass Warranty
Enhancing Architecture/Design
  Flush Stacking
  Slender Verticals
  Minimal Contact Points
  Minimal Locking Hardware
Energy Concerns
  Thermal Expansion Design
  Thermal Performance
Consideration To Details
  Sill Protection
  Head & Jamb Cavity Covers
 Unique Screen Design
Earth Friendly Recycle
  Sustainable Design
  Sustainable Vs Green
  Environmentally Preferred
 GREEN Coatings & Finishes
 Remnants Recycled
 Recycled Metal
Trouble-free Care
  Durable Materials
  Simple Upkeep
 One Source
Series 4070-T 
  Product Features
  Technical Resources
  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Configurations:
    Unlimited Multi-Slide / Pocket
  • Max Panel Width: 12'
    (Glass & Weight Contingent)
  • Max Panel Height: 20'
    (Glass & Weight Contingent)
    (Max width & height are not necessarily available in combination)

Proprietary Archetype Hardware
Archetype Rolling System

Dissatisfaction with overseas hardware and our endless pursuit towards "making it better..." led us into a partnership with a Swiss bearing manufacturer. As a result of this union, our sliding doors come with rollers assembled in the USA, equipped with authentic Swiss bearings.

Exception: The Series 1000, has a rolling system similar to other sliding doors on the market. Our competitors market their rollers as"precision bearings" but we disclose the Series 1000 rollers as "sealed bearings" because they are not Swiss in origin and are from the overseas roller industry..Rolex versus Timex.
Archetype Narrow Latching Hardware
Technical Information
archetype narrow

Frustration with the common hardware industry's "best quality" inspired us to design our own proprietary, luxury home quality hardware. The result is our Archetype line of American made locking hardware. Below are a few of the exceptional aspects:

  • USA Manufactured
  • Patented
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ergonomic Flush Actuator
  • Lock/Unlock Indicator
  • Huge Laminated Hook
  • Brushed Stainless or Black Painted Stainless
  • Adjustable, Stainless Steel Strike Assembly