Series 1000 Traditional Sliding Glass Door

The Series 1000 is created for luxury home applications where the customer prefers Fleetwood's Premium Package but the building budget needs to be value engineered. Print 1000 Brochure Page      Print Product Brochure
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  Better, Not Cheaper
  Locking Hardware
  Dressed Up

  Deluxe Screen
  Hidden Excellence
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  Air Leakage
  Saving More Money
  Flared Interlockers
  NFRC Ratings
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  Lasts Longer
  Stop VOC's
  Remnants Recycled
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  Stainless Steel Track
  Vermin Resistant
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  Security   Noise Control
Fleetwood 1000 Traditional Sliding Door 
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Proprietary Archetype Hardware
Archetype Narrow Latching Hardware
 Archetype Narrow Hardware (video)
archetype narrow

Frustration with the hardware industry's "best quality" inspired us to design luxury home quality hardware. The result is our Archetype line of American made locking hardware. Below are a few of the exceptional aspects:

  • USA Manufactured
  • Patent Pending
  • 100% Brass Casting
  • Slim Flush Actuator
  • Lock/Unlock Indicator
  • Huge Laminated Hook
  • Silver Painted Finish