Series 3070 Exterior Rated Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Energy Savings

Thermal Education I: Aluminum transfers energy very easily. This has wrongly been considered a negative trait but the fact is that very little energy is lost through the frame material. Other door materials absorb heat and cold into the frame, causing that material to fail prematurely. One might say that aluminum is a more intelligent building material in that it deals with such stress in a positive way by releasing the energy that would normally cause material failure as it does in vinyl and wood.

Thermal Education II: Aluminum is thermally stable in that it does not swell and shrink when the temperature or humidity levels change. The fact is that very little actual energy is lost through the frame material but in the case of wood and vinyl (expand and contract at high levels) MUCH energy is lost through the frame and vent seams.

Huge Glass = Savings: Because of its strength, the "3070" can be made in large sizes. Using our high performance glass, the overall energy savings from that door opening is better because the glass is more efficient than the framing.

Rating/Performance Choices: In the Testing section of our product page we list several test results with varying types of glass, from standard insulated glass to high performance glass.