Series 3070-T Exterior Rated Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Looking Through, Not At

Sleek: Our standard interlockers are 2-1/8" yet strong enough to handle heights up to 14’ tall.

Simple Shapes: The Series 3070-T verticals draw attention away from the product and toward the home designs and the view.

Strong: Strength and beauty are demonstrated by Fleetwood’s unique ability to produce HUGE doors. For example, the Series 3070-T is commonly built in 5’ wide by 10’ tall panels. This amounts to a sliding panel that weighs close to 400 lbs, yet rolls with a pinky touch.

Insulated Glass Spacer: Our standard spacer is a dark bronze anodized color. Other products use a silver spacer, which reflects light as a mirror and is often distracting.