Series 3070-T Exterior Rated Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Efficient Operation

Unique Track Design: If you will take the time to study the roller track you will see a unique design. Our track is a solid aluminum base that receives a heavy gauge stainless steel insert. Cheaper designs offer an aluminum runner and a metal cap. Our track will last longer, can handle more weight and is easily replaced.

Air Leakage: Wood and vinyl swell and shrink as the weather changes. And like an old house they can creak and groan. DO NOT be fooled by those windows/doors that tout "U-value = energy efficiency." To understand the absurd test method is to know that it is a misleading rating. During the test all weep holes, seams, etc are sealed shut. It is no surprise that wood and vinyl perform better than aluminum in this "test" because only material is tested and not the actual product. Real conditions cause expansion and contraction, which allows energy to come right through the frame. Aluminum has infinitesimal movement during weather change, which causes it to be efficient year in and year out.

Tighter Interlockers: Notice how the interlockers on all Fleetwood doors "wedge" into each other? This makes a rattle free union. Cheaper models rely solely on the brush weather-stripping. This causes more noise and air infiltration because the brush wears out.

Weather-stripping Balance: In window and door manufacturing there is a balance that must be maintained with the type, size and quantity of weather-stripping. Too much and the door is hard to operate; too little and the door rolls well but does not keep out water and wind effectively. The Series 3070-T is perfectly balanced.