Series 3900-T Luxury Home Thermal Entrance Door

Unique Features

Sleeker Sightline: The Series 3900-T is essentially a thermally enhanced version of the Series 3500. During the design process, we applied a few improvements, one of which is to reduce the amount of metal on a single vent by more than 1-1/2". Also, note from the SILL detail that the height has been reduced and has a boxier shape..

Corner Strength: Another design enhancement is butt joinery instead of mitering because it offers a look more consistent with modern architecture. In order to achieve this feature, we needed an exceptional corner key. The wall thickness exceeds 5/16" in most locations and penetrates 4-1/4".

Steel Door Look: The Series 3900-T is offered with a simulated divided lite which resembles a classic steel window beveled design. To view a cross section detail of the Steel Look grids, see page 37 of the window and door brochure.

Outstanding Sizes: The Series 3900-T was designed to fit an 80 square foot opening with only two panels. In addition to the robust extrusions and corner design, the 3-way adjustable hinges make large openings possible.

"Thermal Frame" Technology: The Series 3900-T thermal barrier consists of a modern development called "I-Strut." This contemporary process joins two extrusions together with a high resin "strut" instead of pouring and de-bridging a single extrusion. We selected this newer technology because it offers greater extrusion design flexibility without compromising thermal performance..