Series 3900-T Luxury Home Entrance Door

Energy Savings

Energy Ratings: In the Testing link (right side, under image) we list several test results with varying types of glass, from standard insulated glass to high performance glass.

Passive Solar Energy: Because we have engineered our products for strength, larger sizes are possible. Huge glass expanses not only accentuate your view but also welcome more natural light into the room. The presence of more natural light is an immediate saving on your energy bill.

Glass: The Series 3900-T gives you hundreds of glass options. In fact, we challenge you to find a glass that will not easily be glazed into this exceptional door. We have designed extrusions to accommodate 1" and 1-1/2" glazing. If you choose one of our higher performing glass systems the light is conditioned for greater comfort. Destructive elements such as UV Rays are filtered out, which improves your comfort and protects your flooring, furnishings and art.