Series 3600-T Top Hung Folding Door System

Unique Features

FSB & Yale Hardware: When configured as folding panels only, the vertical sight-lines are as narrow as possible. If a hinged door is included we offer two choices. The first option increases the sight-line but is the most ergonomic. It includes a stainless steel Yale latch and FSB levers and front plates. If a slimmer sight-line is desired, we recommend the Slim Line option.

Outstanding Carriers: The 3600-T was designed to utilize Brio carriers for the most current folding door technology. Each mechanism has four high performance wheels with two side thrust precision bearings. These four wheels provide unparallelled stability as well as smoother, quiet operation.

Easy Adjustment: The standard carriers on the 3600-T allow for each panel to be quickly adjusted vertically. Simply depress the push button release (located next to the side thrust wheels) and raise or lower the panel with the provided hex key.

Stainless Steel DPL: The Series 3600-T comes standard with a stainless steel Dual Point Lock. Not only is the material durable but also offers a sleek, modern lever design. Each DPL lever throws two stainless steel bolts in the respect track to offer high security and ease of operation.

DPL Lever: The DPL lever comes standard with all 3600-T folding doors. The lever is offered as either locking or non-locking but the design is essentially the same except for the addition of the thumb turn. Each lever is constructed of stainless steel and the finish is passivated for optimum coastal performance and beauty.

Slim Line "Man" Door: The integral hinged door comes standard with FSB locking hardware, which results in wider sightlines than cheaper doors on the market. For those desiring a folding door yet want an integral hinged door with the thinnest possible sightlines, we offer the TBL option. This is only available on odd number panel configurations.

Panel Sizes: The overall strength of the 3600-T is manifested in the panel sizes. The maximum width is 42" and the height is 144".

Hardware Finishes: The standard exposed hardware is either brushed stainless steel (Clear Anodized & Custom Finishes) or PVD black stainless hardware (Dark Bronze Anodized.)

Integral Nail-fin Frame: The 3600-T comes standard with a nail-fin allowing for a 1" exterior finish.

Mechanical Corner Block: Each panel corner is butt joined using a propretary corner block and bolt design.