Series 250-T: Casement, Awning, Hopper

Handles & Latches

Optional Hardware: We invite you to consider the hardware choices on page 41-42 of the brochure. If properly maintained all hardware finishes will perform well near the coast, but some finishes require less maintenance, e.g. painted roto gear and stainless steel arms.

Full Length Latching: The standard latch is our multi-point lever. When this latch is engaged, the window is cinched into a closer union with the main frame, giving you the most secure latching device on the market.

Custom Configurations: One of the features of the Series 250-T is its flexibility. We can create a window-wall that contains several different window types. For example, imagine a wall with fixed lites, an awning and casement and at the very top, two hopper windows.

Custom Hinges: Each operable vent is connected to the mainframe with our proprietary designed, surface mounted butt hinges. Each hinge is constructed of T-6 extruded aluminum and finished to match the window frame color.